4. Appeal if you do not agree with the decision

After the reconsideration, if you still do not agree with the decision, you can to an independent tribunal called the Social Security Tribunal  – General Division (SST). You can’t appeal to the Tribunal until you have finished the reconsideration process.

The Tribunal is separate from Service Canada and has the power to make a different decision.

On the Tribunal’s website, you can find the Notice of Appeal form and information about how to start an appeal. You must submit an appeal within 30 days from when you first found out about the reconsideration decision.

To appeal to the Tribunal:

  1. Fill out the appeal form. You can also start an appeal by sending a letter, but it must include the same information that the form asks for.
  2. Attach copies of any decision letters you received and a copy of your reconsideration request.
  3. Make a copy for yourself.
  4. Fax, email, or mail the form to the SST. The SST must receive your application no later than 30 days from when you first found out about the reconsideration decision. If you are sending your application by mail, remember to leave extra time to make sure your appeal form arrives on time.

You can mail it to:

Social Security Tribunal
PO Box 9812
Station T CSC
Ottawa, ON
K1G 6S3

You can fax it to 1-855-814-4117 (toll-free in Canada) or email it to info.sst-tss@canada.gc.ca.

The Tribunal will send you a Notice of Hearing within 60 days of receiving your Appeal Form. The notice tells you the date, time, and place of the appeal hearing.

You can represent yourself in your appeal but it’s a good idea to contact your local community legal clinic for information and advice.

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