3. Learn about your human rights at work

The laws about human rights say that employers must not discriminate against you or allow other workers to discriminate against you.

Discrimination happens when someone refuses to hire you, treats you unfairly, or fires you for a reason that goes against your human rights.

Examples include being discriminated against because of:

  • your race, colour, ancestry, ethnic origin, citizenship, or where you were born
  • religion
  • age
  • sex or gender
  • sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression
  • being pregnant or having children

If you think that your employer decided to fire you or to lengthen your probation for a reason that goes against your human rights, you can contact the Human Rights Legal Support Centre for free legal advice and information.

The Centre helps people file human rights applications with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and, in some cases, represents people who are making claims at the Tribunal.

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