3. Know what your employer is supposed to do

The law says your employer must:

  • pay you your full for the day you were injured
  • pay for you to get to your doctor, a hospital, or your home on the day you’re injured
  • keep paying into any insurance benefit plan for your health care, life insurance, or pensions for one year

But if you and your employer pay into the benefits plan, your employer can stop making their payments if you stop making yours. So, if you want your benefits plan to continue while you’re off work, you have to keep making your payments.

Changes to your work

If you can’t do all or some of your regular job because of your injury, there may be other things you can do.

Your employer must figure out if , which means making changes to your job duties and/or workplace, will help you:

  • get back to work sooner
  • lose as little income as possible

These changes should be based on your medical needs and could include giving you different hours or a different chair and desk.

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