3. Gather evidence

When you apply for EI, you must explain why quitting was your only reasonable option. You might need to gather evidence to support your side of the story. For example:

  • Are there other people who agree with your version of what happened?  
  • Do you have documents or other proof that shows why you had to quit?
  • Did you make notes about how you tried to fix the problem and why it did not work?

You can write a letter to Service Canada to explain why you decided to quit and why quitting was your only reasonable choice. You should also refer to your evidence in this letter. Send this letter with your application. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself.

Service Canada might call your former employer to ask them about these facts. Service Canada might also call you to discuss the facts and to tell you about the points your former employer disagrees with. When Service Canada calls you, it will be easier to remember your facts if you can look at your notes or a copy of the letter you wrote.

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