2. Work with your union if you can

It’s best to do all that you can to get your to help you. This is because union members rarely win at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (Labour Board) when they make complaints against their union.

And when you’re having problems with your employer, it’s better to have the union working for you.

Start by making sure you understand your rights and the union’s rights.

And check your for the process you have to follow when you have a problem with your employer. There might be deadlines you have to meet. You might need to start the process without help from the union.

Contacting the union office

If you don’t think that the union representative in your workplace is doing what they’re supposed to do, you can contact staff that work for the union. They might be able to help you. For example, they might talk to the union representative in your workplace.

It can be difficult to decide what to do. You’ll have to consider how what you decide might affect your relationships at work, including your relationship with your union representative.

What you do may depend on how serious your problem with your employer is and whether you’re still at work.

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