2. Talk to your supervisor

Talk to your supervisor as soon as possible about:

  • what you think might be causing your symptoms or making them worse
  • whether there’s a different way you can do your work to help you feel better or to make your symptoms to go away

Your supervisor can ask you for a WSIB Functional Abilities Form completed by your doctor. The WSIB Functional Abilities Form gives information about your abilities and restrictions. The WSIB pays your doctor to fill it out. 

 Your supervisor may also want to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and possible changes to how you do your work. If you think it would be helpful for your supervisor to speak to your doctor, you need to tell your doctor if this is okay. You also need to sign a consent form saying that you agree that the doctor can talk to your supervisor or employer.

Ask your supervisor if your employer has information about your workplace, for example:

  • reports about the physical and mental demands of your job, which employers sometimes call “Job Demands Analysis”
  • information about any chemicals, contaminants, temperatures, or other things that you might be exposed to

Give a copy of any reports to your doctor and your specialist, if you have one.

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