2. Problems with your case manager or their decision

Keep notes of all of the conversations you have with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Include information like:

  • the date and time of your conversation
  • the name of the person you spoke to
  • what you talked about

Problems reaching your case manager

If you call and leave a message for your case manager and they don’t get back to you, write them a note and ask them to call you back. Include the dates and times of all of the calls you made.

Send your note by fax or mail.

If you think you’re being treated poorly, it’s a good idea to keep detailed notes of the conversations or incidents that made you think this.

Contact your case manager’s manager

If you don’t think that the case manager is treating you properly, you can speak to their manager.

If you reach the manager’s voicemail, leave a detailed message with:

  • your name
  • your
  • the reason for your call

When deciding if you should complain to the manager, remember that the case manager will probably continue to be the person making decisions about your claim.

Disagreeing with a WSIB decision

If you don’t agree with a decision that the WSIB makes, you can appeal the decision. This is different than complaining about how someone at the WSIB treats you.

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