2. Learn what racial discrimination is

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether or not what you were discriminated against because of your race. Your answers to these 2 questions can help you decide:

  1. Was I treated differently than other people?
  2. Was my race one of the reasons why I was treated differently?

For example, if your landlord calls you a racial slur, then it’s clear that you’re being treated differently and that it’s because of your race.

But sometimes discrimination is more difficult to prove because there are many ways that a person can be treated differently. Here are some examples of what that of Ontario has decided is discrimination:

  • a less-qualified person of a different race gets a promotion that you’re more qualified for
  • a part of your appearance that’s clearly tied to your race is not allowed, for example, dreadlocks or a turban
  • you’re searched by security guards when people of different races are not, and there’s no good reason to explain why only you’re being searched
  • the police stop and question you because of your skin colour
  • a landlord refuses to rent to you because of your name
  • you’re accused of theft by a department store for no reason
  • your employer or co-workers treat you differently because of your race

It’s important to remember that you do not have to prove that you were discriminated against only because of your race. It’s enough if your race was one of the reasons why you were discriminated against.

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