2. Go to the pre-hearing conference

The person who makes decisions at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) is called a Vice-Chair.

The Vice-Chair contacts you about when you’ll have a pre-hearing conference.

This pre-hearing conference could happen in person or by telephone. It’s very short and you don’t need to give evidence or start explaining why you made your complaint.

You, your employer, your lawyers, and the Vice-Chair talk about what the issues will be in your hearing or consultation. The purpose of the conference is to figure out things like:

  • how many witnesses will be at the hearing
  • how many days the hearing will take
  • if special equipment will be needed
  • if there are any ways to narrow the issues

This is a good time to ask questions about the process . The Vice-Chair will probably tell you what they think the issues are related to your complaint. Those issues should be the main things you talk about at your consultation or hearing.

The Vice-Chair might tell you or your employer to do something before your hearing or consultation. Make sure you follow their instructions. For example, they might tell you to send your employer a copy of some of your documents.

If you don’t understand what the Vice-Chair tells you to do, ask them to explain it.

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