2. Give your application to your employer and anyone else affected

Give a copy of your application to your employer. You can do this in person, or by fax, regular mail, or courier. Keep a copy of the receipt as proof that you gave your employer a copy of your application. 

Write down the date and time you did this on page 4 (or page 5 if you sent it by courier) of Form A-53.

You also need to give a copy of your application to anyone you think would be affected by a decision that the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) makes about your complaint.

For example, if your employer changed your duties and now another worker is doing your old job, their job may change if the OLRB orders your employer to give you your old duties back. You should give this person a copy of your application.

If you give someone a copy of your application, they can send information to the OLRB and take part in your hearing.

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