2. Gather your evidence

It can be helpful to make notes of things that happen at work. It’s best to make them when things happen so you still remember them well. Emailing the notes to yourself can help to prove when you made the notes.

And when you speak to a lawyer, it’s important to bring with you any documents that relate to your job.

Some documents may help to show that your employer is forcing you to leave your job. Here are some examples of things that might be helpful:

  • your employment contract or job description
  • any letter or email you got when you were hired to show what you and your employer agreed to when you started the job
  • letters, memos, or emails from your employer to show things like changes in your job or changes in the way your employer has treated you
  • pay stubs
  • records of the hours you worked
  • notes you made about changes in your job or how your employer treated you
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