2. Figure out what the employer owes you

The Ministry of Labour has several online tools that you can use to figure out what your employer owes you.

These tools include:

  • hours of work and overtime tool
  • pay calculator tool
  • public calculator
  • termination tool
  • severance tool

You might want to get legal advice about how much your employer owes you. The rules can be complicated and you want to be sure you claim all the money you are owed.

And if you were fired, it’s important to get legal advice.

A lawyer with experience in employment law can help by:

  • giving you advice about how much you should claim, including any
  • talking to your employer about paying you
  • giving you advice about whether you should make a claim with the Ministry of Labour or go to court if your employer does not agree to pay
  • telling you what other rights you may have

The Law Society Referral Service can give you the name of a lawyer or paralegal you can consult with for free, for up to 30 minutes.

JusticeNet is a program for Canadians with low or moderate incomes. It connects people with lawyers and paralegals who charge lower legal fees.

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