2. Figure out if you have “just cause” to quit

If you have quit your job and you want to get EI benefits, you must prove that you had no other reasonable choice except to quit your job. For example:    

  • you experienced sexual or other
  • you experienced
  • your working conditions were unsafe
  • your employer was not paying you the that were legally owed to you 
  • your employer made major changes to your work duties

There could be other acceptable reasons for leaving your job not included in this list. And the examples in the list don’t always mean that you will get EI if you quit your job.

It is best to get legal advice before you quit your job for any reason. A lawyer can talk to you about:

  • your legal options
  • what result you want to get
  • the strength of your claim
  • what evidence you will need
  • how long it might take to get a result
  • what rights your employer has 
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