1. Reply on time to requests from the Ministry of Labour

An Employment Standards Officer (ESO) from the Ministry of Labour may ask you for more information. For example, they may want you to send them copies of the following documents:

  • T4 statements
  • pay stubs or pay cheques
  • records of hours you worked, for example, time sheets, or records you made to keep track of your hours in a calendar or diary, or by email
  • letters or notices from your employer
  • a
  • written

The ESO will give you a deadline to get the documents to them. If you don’t meet the deadline, they can go ahead and decide your claim without having that information. This is why it’s important to send in all the documents they ask for on time.

If you don’t have the documents, you might want to explain why. For example, if your employer didn’t give you a , you won’t have one.

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