1. Apply for a Social Insurance Number

Apply for a at a Service Canada Centre.

If you live 100 kilometres or more from a Service Canada Centre, you might be able to apply by mail.

To apply, you need original documents that prove who you are and what your status is in Canada.

If you have the right documents, Service Canada should be able to give you a SIN right away.

The documents you need depend on your status in Canada. Here are examples of documents that you can use:

  • if you’re a Canadian citizen, you can use a birth certificate issued by the Canadian province or territory where you were born or a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • if you’re a , you can use a Permanent Resident card
  • if you’re a temporary resident, you can use a work permit, study permit, or visitor record that shows you’re authorized to work
  • if you’re a Registered Indian, you can use a birth certificate and a Certificate of Indian Status.
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