3. Ask for an appeal hearing

You must submit an appeal within 10 school days of when the suspension began. You need to write to the school board’s supervisory officer. The notice you get from the principal will include the name and contact information for the supervisory officer.

You don’t need to use any special forms. You can just write a letter or email saying you want to appeal.

For serious matters, you may have to wait

If the behaviour you are accused of is serious, the principal may investigate. This will help them decide whether they think you should be expelled. You will not be allowed to appeal your suspension until the investigation is over.

Even if the principal thinks you shouldn’t be expelled, they may still think you should be suspended. If you want to appeal the suspension after the principal finishes the investigation, you must write to the supervisory officer within 5 school days of when the principal tells you about the outcome of the investigation.

Appeal the hearing within 15 days

Once you have submitted your Notice of Appeal, the school board must set up a meeting to hear your appeal within 15 days. The school board may ask you to extend the deadline, but you do not have to agree to this.

Review documents carefully

You should read and understand all the documents the principal or school board gives you. Do not sign anything unless you fully understand and agree with it. For example, some parents say that they have been pressured into extending the deadline. Speak to a lawyer before you agree to extend the deadline.

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