2. Report the bullying

The principal must investigate any report of bullying. This includes reports made by teachers, students, and parents. Some children who are bullied may want to report bullying on their own. Tell your child that reporting bullying is not “tattling” or snitching. Ask them if they want your help to report the bullying, or if they would prefer to do it on their own.

School board staff who work directly with students, for example, teachers, social workers, and guidance counsellors, must also report bullying.

Schools must support students to report bullying on their own. They must make sure that when a student reports bullying, the student is not later targeted by the bullies for reporting.

If your child is very young or if they don’t want to report on their own, you can report the bullying to your child’s teacher or the principal.

If teachers or school staff learn about any bullying, they must report it directly to the principal.

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