1. Review the Notice of Suspension

If you are suspended, the principal must give you written information about the suspension right away. This information will include:

  • the reason you are suspended
  • how long the suspension will last
  • whether you must attend a suspended students program
  • whether the principal is considering expulsion
  • information about the right to appeal, such as:
    • a copy of the school board’s policies and guidelines for appeal
    • the name and contact information for the supervisory officer that you must send your Notice of Appeal to

Review the notice carefully.

Review the reason for suspension

The principal can suspend you if you:

  • threaten to hurt someone
  • carry or use alcohol or drugs
  • swear at a teacher or a person in authority
  • deliberately damage school property or someone else’s property at school
  • bully
  • violate the school’s code of conduct

A principal must suspend you, conduct an investigation, and consider whether you should be expelled if you:

  • carry or use a weapon
  • hurt someone so that they need medical help
  • sexually assault someone
  • give or sell weapons, drugs, or alcohol to anyone
  • rob someone
  • repeatedly bully someone so that they feel unsafe
  • act in a hateful or discriminatory way
  • do anything else that the school board’s policy says you must be suspended for

A principal can only suspend you for something you do at school or at a school activity, or if what you do negatively affects life at school. For example, bullying another student on social media while everyone is home for the weekend will negatively affect life at school for that student.

But the principal cannot suspend you for things that have nothing to do with school.

Review the length of suspension

The maximum suspension is 20 school days. You can return to school when the suspension is over.

If you are suspended for more than 5 days, you may have to attend a suspended students program. The program is often held at another school within your school board. The programs are run by teachers. They will help you keep up with your school work.  If you are suspended for less than 5 days, you should ask the school for the work that you would miss.

Review the appeal information

The Notice of Suspension must include the name and contact information for the school board’s supervisory officer. You must contact this person if you want to appeal.

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