Understand what’s included in an estimate

A repair shop must offer to give you a written . You can say that you don’t want a written estimate, but the repair shop must still offer to give you one.

The estimate has to include the following information:

  • the date of the estimate
  • the odometer reading (the number of kilometers your car has travelled) at the time of the estimate
  • an exact description of the work to be done
  • a list of the parts to be installed, including their prices and whether each part is new, used, or reconditioned
  • the total charge for labour and how it is calculated
  • a list of any other charges
  • the total amount that you will be billed
  • the date when the repairs will be finished

The cost of the estimate must include any work they will do to figure out what the problem is. This includes the cost to put the car back together if they had to take it apart to figure out what the problem is.

Make sure you understand the estimate and what you’re agreeing to. Ask questions if you need more information.

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