Get a response from the Ministry

The Ministry may:

If the Ministry does not think that you have a valid complaint and the company has not broken any laws, they may not help you.

If the company broke the law but you are asking them to refund less than $500, the Ministry might suggest you sue the company in small claims court. They will help you understand what you need to do in court.

If you are asking for a refund that is $500 or more, or there are many complaints about a company, the Ministry may investigate or try to mediate the dispute.

Mediation is where you and the company sit down to try to find a solution to your complaint. A trained mediator is a neutral person who does not take sides and does not make a decision. They will try to help you reach an agreement.

The Ministry may start an investigation if mediation is not successful. The Ministry can order the seller to follow the rules or add the seller to the Consumer Beware list.

In some cases, the Ministry can take the seller to court for not following the Consumer Protection Act. If the seller is found guilty, they can get a warning, a fine, or even be sent to jail, and they may be ordered to pay some money to you.

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