Cancel your contract

Before the deadline passes, you must tell the seller that you want to cancel the agreement. It is a good idea to tell them in writing. There are sample cancellation letters on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website.

Your letter should include:

  • your name and address
  • the date
  • the name and address of the company
  • the date of your contract
  • that you want to cancel the contract
  • the date that you want a response by
  • your signature

Your letter should also tell the seller why you want to cancel the contract. For example, you should say what unfair practice the seller used. 

You should keep a copy of the letter for yourself. Make a note of the date that you mailed, emailed, or personally delivered the letter to the seller.

After you cancel your contract

When you cancel a contract, the seller usually has 15 days to return your money. .

If the seller does not refund your money or will not let you cancel your contract, you can complain to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. You might also sue them in Small Claims Court.

Keep detailed notes of everything you and the seller talk about. These notes can be used as evidence. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to prove your case.

Evidence can include:

  • emails
  • phone records
  • letters and notes
  • contracts or agreements
  • photos or videos
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