3. Learn what to do if you get a notice

If you get a notice that your phone service will be suspended or disconnected, you should contact your service provider as soon as possible.

The notice should explain why your service might be suspended or disconnected.

If you agree with the notice

If you agree with what the notice says, you should talk to your service provider about how to fix the situation. For example, if you are behind on your payments, you can:

  • pay off the amount you owe
  • talk to the service provider about other payment plans or options

If you and the service provider agree on how to fix the problem, the provider should give you something in writing that says exactly what you agreed to. If you make any payments, get receipts so that you can prove you paid the money.

If you don’t agree with the notice

If you don’t think the notice has the right information, you should send a letter to your service provider. The letter should explain what you believe is not correct. For example, if they say you haven’t paid a bill that you know you did, the letter attach a receipt showing when and how much you paid.

If you don’t agree with what is in the notice, your service provider is not allowed to cut off your service unless they can reasonably prove that their information is correct.

But the service provider is allowed to cut off your service if you only dispute part of the notice but you don’t fix the rest of the problems.

For example, if the notice says you owe $200 but you only owe $50, you must pay the $50 and dispute the $150 you don’t owe. If you don’t, the service provider can still cut off your service.

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