2. Understand when you must get notice

Usually, the service provider must give you a notice before they your service. But they don’t have to give you notice if:

  • they disconnect you to protect the network
  • you went over a pre-set spending limit that the provider has told you about
  • they believe that your service might be used, or is being used, for

In all other cases, the service provider must give you notice at least 14 days before they or disconnect you. The notice must include:

  • the reason for the disconnection
  • the amount of money you owe, if any
  • the scheduled disconnection date
  • if there are payment plans that will give you more time to pay what you owe
  • the amount of any reconnection charges
  • contact information so you can discuss the disconnection with the service provider

The service provider must also provide a second notice at least 24 hours before the disconnection. But they don’t have to do this if they have tried to contact you many times and couldn’t reach you.

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