1. Check whether the seller followed the rules

The seller must do all of the following.

Give you full information before you made the agreement

Before you buy, the seller must give you detailed information including:

  • their name, telephone number, and address
  • the price of each item, shipping costs, handling costs, taxes, and any other charge they know of that you might have to pay to anyone else
  • the total you must pay, when and how you must pay, and if the amount is not in Canadian dollars
  • when and where the goods will be delivered, or when the services will start, how they will be done, and when they will be completed

The seller must also:

  • accurately describe the goods or services you are buying
  • explain your right to cancel, return, exchange or get a refund

Before you make the agreement, the seller must give you a chance to correct any mistakes or change your mind.

Give you the agreement in writing within the time limit

The seller must give you a copy of the agreement with all the above information in it, within 30 days after they bill you or 60 days after the agreement was made, whichever is sooner.

Deliver the goods or start the service within 30 days after the promised date

The seller must deliver your order or start your service within 30 days after the date stated in the agreement. If the agreement doesn’t give a date, then the seller has until 30 days after the date the agreement was made.

Avoid any unfair practices

Sellers are not allowed to use “unfair practices” to get you to buy their product.

Unfair practices include making false or misleading statements. For example, sellers must not tell you that:

  • the product is of better quality than it really is,
  • it is only available for a limited time if that is not true, or
  • you need the product when you really don’t.

Unfair practices also include:

  • taking advantage of any language difficulty or physical, mental, or emotional disability that you may have
  • charging far more than what is reasonable for their product or service
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