5. Carry proof that you’re a medicinal cannabis user

As a medicinal cannabis user, you have the right to carry more cannabis in public than a recreational cannabis user. But the police can ask you for proof that you have or are growing medicinal cannabis legally.

When asked, you must show them one of the following:

  • a producer’s licence from Health Canada
  • a registration certificate from Health Canada
  • a designated person document from Health Canada
  • a prescription label with your information on it from a licensed producer
  • an invoice with the same information as on your prescription label from a licensed producer

The police can contact Health Canada at any time to confirm that you’re a licensed producer, a registered user, or a designated producer of medicinal cannabis.

They can also contact a licensed producer to confirm that you’re registered either as a client or as a person responsible for the client.

A registration to buy or grow medicinal cannabis allows you to buy or grow it for your own personal use only. It doesn’t matter whether you grow it yourself or you choose someone to grow it for you. It has to be only for your use.

It’s against the law to sell, share, or give your medicinal cannabis to anyone else. It’s also against the law to take recreational and medicinal cannabis out of Canada to another country, including the United States.

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