4. Talk to a lawyer before letting the police search your car

Police are allowed to check your driver’s licence, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. They are also allowed to look into the windows of your vehicle. If it’s nighttime, they may use a flashlight to help them see.

They aren’t allowed to search your vehicle unless:

  • you give them permission, or
  • they have to believe there is of a crime in the vehicle, and that evidence could be removed or destroyed if they waited for a .

If the police ask you to let them search your vehicle, you don’t have to agree. You have the right to say no. It’s a good idea to insist on talking to a lawyer before you decide whether to let the police search your car.

If you don’t know a lawyer or can’t afford one, you can contact Legal Aid Ontario. Legal Aid Ontario pays lawyers known as to give free legal advice. This advice is available 24 hours a day.

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