4. Learn about Gladue Reports

A Gladue Report is a report about your identity and background as an Indigenous person. It usually also includes information about the types of traditional methods for healing in your community and the support and services available to you.

If you’re found guilty, Gladue Reports are particularly important during sentencing.

In many places, Gladue Reports are usually ordered only when the Crown is seeking a jail .

The Gladue Report is usually prepared by a Gladue writer who will meet with you to ask you questions about your life and your community.

Inside a Gladue Report

The Gladue Report will have information about you including things like:

  • Where you live and grew up, on reserve or off reserve
  • Who raised you, for example, your parents, other family members, or foster parents
  • Your current family status
  • Whether anyone in your family went to a residential school
  • How racism affected your life
  • Whether you or any family members experienced abuse or violence
  • Whether you or any family members suffer from alcohol or drug abuse
  • Whether you experienced mental health issues or medical issues, and if you responded to treatment
  • Your educational goals
  • Your connections with your Indigenous community

The Report will have information about sentencing options, and it may recommend one of those options. It may also include suggestions for community supports to help your rehabilitation.

If there is any information in your Gladue Report that is sensitive or private, tell your lawyer. They can ask the judge not to read that information out loud in court.

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