4. Go to your settlement conference

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If the police file a Defence to Plaintiff’s Claim in time, the court will send a Notice of Settlement Conference to you and the police. The settlement conference is a meeting with a judge.

The purpose of the settlement conference is to:

  • make sure you and the police know what each of you has said about what happened and the that you plan to use
  • determine if there are things you can agree on

If you and the police agree completely on what happened, you may not need to have a . Even if you only agree on some things, it will probably make the trial shorter and less complex.

If you and the police don’t agree and you want to go ahead with your claim, ask the court to set a trial date. To do this:

  1. Fill out a Notice to Set Action Down for Trial form. The court clerk will give you this form.
  2. File the Notice to Set Action Down for Trial at the court office.
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