4. Complete the diversion

If you agree to , your case will be for as long as you need to complete the upfront work. You may have to come to court to give an update if the work you’re doing takes longer than a few weeks.

Get proof that you did what was required. If you have to do community service, ask for a letter showing the number of hours you did. If you have to make a charitable donation, get a receipt.

When you return to court, you or your lawyer will give proof that you completed the work. The Crown will stay or withdraw your charges.

Withdrawn charges

If the Crown withdraws your charges:

  • you won’t have to go to court anymore about the charge
  • you won’t have a criminal record if you didn’t have one before
  • they can’t you again later for the same incident

Stayed charges

If your charges are , the Crown has decided not to prosecute your case for now. But they can change their mind and start the prosecution again within one year of the date the charges were stayed. In some cases they can re-commence your prosecution even after a year passes.

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