3. Prepare your application for bail review

Your application for must include a Notice of Application. The Notice of Application is a document that explains why your request should be approved.

You must also include:

  • transcripts of your original
  • affidavits from you and your


To order transcripts of your bail hearing, contact the court reporters at the courthouse where your original hearing was held. Transcripts are cost a lot of money. It may take a week or more to get your transcripts and you will be required to pay for them when you pick them up.

Bring the following information when you order your transcripts:

  • the date of your original bail hearing
  • the name of the justice of the peace at your bail hearing
  • the courtroom and courthouse where your bail hearing was held


Once you have the transcripts of your original bail hearing, you must prepare affidavits to go with your application. The affidavits explain how your circumstances have changed, and the proposed bail plan.

Your lawyer can help you prepare the affidavits. You will need affidavits from both yourself and any potential sureties. The affidavits must be . That means that you swear under oath in front of a commissioner of oaths that the affidavits are true.  

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