3. Prepare to turn yourself in

After you turn yourself in, the police may not let you leave. This is called being held in . Before you go to the police station, prepare to be held in custody for a .

Don’t bring personal property

Don’t bring any personal property to the police station that you aren’t prepared to leave with the police.

If you are not released right away, the police will hold your personal property until you:

  • get , or
  • give permission for someone to pick up your property

Don’t bring your car

You may want to have someone give you a ride to the station. If you don’t bring your car, you won’t have to arrange to have it moved if you aren’t released.

Write down important phone numbers

Write down the phone numbers of family or friends who would be willing to be a for you. If you don’t have a surety, you might not get bail. A surety is someone who agrees to supervise you while you’re in the community on bail. Your surety is responsible for you.

The police may take your cell phone as or put it in your property bag while you’re in custody. This can make it difficult for you to look up the phone numbers of family and friends. That is why it is so important that you write down the phone numbers before you go to the police station. It will be hard to prepare for a bail hearing if you can’t contact people who can be your surety.

It may even be a good idea to talk to people who may be willing to be your surety before you turn yourself in. That way they will be prepared if you phone them later from the police station.

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