3. Keep records of any communication

Keep records

Every time the person named in your no contact order tries to contact you, write down the date and what happened. Take screenshots of text messages and call logs. Print any emails the person sends you.

That way if the person ever tries to get you into trouble for not following the no contact order, you will have . Your evidence will show that they tried to make contact, not you.

Talk to your lawyer

If they keep trying to contact you, talk to your lawyer. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may advise you to contact the police and tell them what has been happening.

Always talk to a lawyer before contacting the police.

If the police decide that the attempts to contact you are harassing behavior, the person named in the no contact order may be charged with a crime.

What can happen to you

But if the police decide that you did not follow the no contact order, you will be charged with failing to comply with your recognizance.

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