3. Get your fingerprints and photos erased

You must send your request to have your fingerprint records and photos destroyed to the local police agency where you were charged. If they approve your request, the local police agency will tell the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to destroy their copy of your records too.

Each police agency has its own procedure and may have its own forms. Ask the police agency that took your fingerprints what you have to do. For more information, refer to “You may need” at the end of this step.

The police may take a long time to respond to your request. That is why you should apply as soon as possible after the waiting period has expired. For example, the Toronto police can take up to 9 months to review your application and 6 months more before they make a decision.

Once the police have made a decision, they will send you a notice. About 6 months later, you will receive a written confirmation that your records have been destroyed.

There will be processing fees

Some police services a processing fee to have your fingerprint records and photos destroyed. For example, the Durham Regional Police charge $65 to process your application. This fee is only for processing your application. Your money will not be refunded if they decide to not destroy your records.

To avoid paying the processing fee more than once, wait until you’re eligible to have your records destroyed.

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