2. Learn about sentences with a criminal record, but no jail time

A that results in a permanent criminal record is called a conviction. If a conviction doesn’t require you to go to jail it is called a .


You may be and sentenced to a non-, including:

  • a fine
  • a
  • a

If money was lost or property was damaged, you may be given a order. Restitution means you must pay for the financial loss or property damage you caused.

Suspended sentence

If you get a suspended sentence, you will:

  • get a permanent criminal record, and
  • be on for up to 3 years.

Conditional sentence

A conditional sentence is similar to a custodial sentence because your freedom is restricted. But with a conditional sentence, you don’t go to jail. Instead, you serve time in the community on house arrest.

A conditional sentence is only available for certain offences, and depends on the circumstances of your case. Talk to a lawyer or to find out if you can get a conditional sentence.

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