1. Prepare to turn yourself in

Before you turn yourself in, talk to a lawyer. Tell your lawyer that your has asked to be removed and a has been issued for your .

Talk to people willing to be your surety

Before you turn yourself in, talk to people who may be willing to be your surety. That way they will know that you may ask them to you out.

If you turn yourself in at the courthouse, the court will only let you go if you have another surety with you who is suitable and can meet the original bail terms. If the Crown consents to your new surety, a consent release will be proposed to the court. It will be up to the court to decide whether they accept your new surety. If the Crown does not agree to your new surety, you will have another .

You should prepare to be held in until you go to your bail hearing in case the court does not accept your new surety.

You will be allowed to contact a lawyer or when you’re taken into custody. But it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer even before you go to the police station.

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