1. Learn who Gladue applies to

Gladue applies to all Indigenous people. It doesn’t matter if they live on a reserve or off reserve. And it doesn’t matter if they are a youth or adult.

The test for whether Gladue applies is based on self-identification. Self-identification means that, based on you and your family’s lived experience or history, you identify as Indigenous, Métis, First Nations, or Inuit.

You don’t have to have a status card or prove that you’re connected to an Indigenous community for Gladue to apply.

But, although the test is self-identification, if the court worker can’t confirm your Indigenous identity, you might not be able to access the services of the Indigenous court worker and Indigenous diversion program. To confirm your identity, the court worker might:

  • speak to a family member
  • look at adoption records
  • speak to a worker that helps you in the community
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