1. Get your Crown Screening form

When you’re given for the first time, you may be given a Crown Screening form. The Crown Screening form is also called a Charge Screening form. It tells you how the Crown plans to deal with your charges, including:

  • what kind of the Crown will ask for
  • whether some of your charges will be dropped if you early
  • whether you’ve been approved for diversion

This information will help you decide how to deal with your charges.


Diversion is a voluntary way to resolve minor criminal charges. It is also called “direct accountability”.

Diversion is the most common way to have criminal charges dropped. If you complete , the Crown will stay or withdraw your charges. You must do the work upfront in exchange for this.

Plea Deal

Sometimes the Crown will offer a “deal” for pleading guilty. This can involve dropping one or more charge if you have multiple charges. It can also involve the Crown agreeing to a particular sentence. But remember the judge makes the final decision. Usually the judge will agree with deals that are made.

Always talk to a lawyer or before you decide to plead guilty.

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