4. Give the papers to your landlord

When the Form N15 is completed and signed, you have to give it to your landlord along with either the Tenant’s Statement or the copy of the .

You must give these papers to your landlord at least 28 days before the date you wrote on the N15 as the date you would move out by.


Your landlord and their staff must keep all these papers completely confidential.  For your safety, the landlord cannot show the unit to prospective tenants until you move out. They cannot even advertise the unit if anyone could identify the unit from the ad.

If you don’t move out

If you, or any tenant who also signed your Form N15, don’t move out by the date stated on the Form N15, then there are two possibilities:

N15 signed by all tenants

If the Form N15 was signed by all the tenants, then your landlord can apply to the to anyone who hasn’t moved out. Your landlord does not have to give you any notice if they are doing this.

N15 signed by some tenants

If the Form N15 was signed by only some of the tenants, it is automatically cancelled for those who did not move out. This means their continues as if they never signed the Form N15.

If you do move out

If you do move out, make sure to take all your things with you. Your landlord might be allowed to keep, sell, or throw away anything you leave behind. If you have to leave things behind, tell the landlord and ask them to keep your things safe until you can get them. If the landlord says they will do this, try to get the agreement in writing.

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