2. Prepare your court documents

If you’re asking for a status review, you have to fill out either:

Use Form 8B.1 only if your child was in . Otherwise, you use Form 8B.

(CAS) or any other asking for a status review uses the same forms.

If you’re responding to a status review that the CAS or another party started, you usually have 30 days after you got their application to fill out, , and your Form 33B.1: Answer and Plan of Care. This is the same form that you had to fill out in your earlier child protection case.

But instead of filling out Part 2, you fill out Part 3. You can read more about what information the form asks for, and how to serve and file your Answer and Plan of Care.

If you want the court to make a different order, you need to give information on how your child’s situation or your situation and your ability to care for your child has changed. For example, if you’ve completed an addiction treatment program or found a permanent job.

If CAS or another party starts the status review, your first court date will be on the Form 8B or Form 8B.1 that they gave you. If you asked for the status review, the writes the first court date on your form when you bring it to court to have it .

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