1. Read the court papers from CAS

The court papers you get from a (CAS) will include a Form 8B: Application (Child Protection and Status Review). The form will have information on: 

  • the date and time of your first court date
  • the address of the courthouse
  • the names of the children in the case
  • why CAS is going to court
  • what CAS is asking the judge to do

Court orders

CAS can ask for one of the following orders:

  1. An order that says your child will live with you, another parent, or someone else, usually a family or community member, with CAS supervising. This is called a .
  2. An order that says your child will be in . This is sometimes called foster care.
  3. An order that says your child will be in society care or foster care, for a certain period of time, followed by a supervision order.
  4. An order that says your child will be in .

CAS can ask for other orders at the same time. For example, they can ask for orders about when you visit with your child, which is called .

Other papers from CAS

CAS may also give you:

  • Form 14: Notice of Motion that says the temporary orders CAS is asking the court to make about your child.
  • Form 14A: Affidavit that gives the evidence CAS has to show why they think:
    • your child is in need of protection and the harm they think your child has experienced or may experience
    • you can’t protect your child from the harm
  • Form 33B.1:  Answer and Plan of Care, which is a blank form that you have to fill it out usually within 30 days.

CAS may also give you a blank Form 33B: Plan of Care (Children’s Aid Society).

CAS usually fills this form out later. In their Form 33B: Plan of Care, CAS says how they plan to take care of your child. They have to say:

  • what help they’ve planned for you and your child
  • who will give this help, whether it’s CAS or another organization
  • if they’ve told you where else you can get help, such as a counselling agency
  • how they will decide if your child doesn’t need their help any more
  • how long they think it will take to do what they say they will do
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