What if my landlord wants to evict me for doing something unsafe?

Your landlord can try to you if they say you have impaired your own safety or other people’s safety. This means that someone’s safety was put at risk because of something you did or failed to do.

For example:

  • leaving cigarettes burning in ashtrays
  • throwing things off your balcony
  • setting fires on the property
  • breaking or removing the fire alarm in your unit

The landlord must first give you a written . It should be on a form called Notice to End your Tenancy For Causing Serious Problems in the Rental Unit or Residential Complex – Form N7. You do not have to move out just because you get this notice.

To try to evict you, your landlord must also file an Application to End a Tenancy and Evict a Tenant – Form L2 with the .

The Board will schedule a hearing to decide the landlord’s . The Board has the power to your eviction. They can also order you to pay the cost of correcting the unsafe condition.

The Board or your landlord should send you a Notice of Hearing and a copy of the landlord’s application.

There are things you can do before the hearing to try to reach an agreement with your landlord. But if you and your landlord can’t agree, your case will go to a hearing at the Board.

At the hearing, your landlord must show that they have followed all the right steps in their application. They must also prove that there is a legal reason to evict you.

You need to prepare for the hearing. And you will need to think about the best ways prove that you should not have to move out.

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