I’m taking my landlord to the LTB. Can we settle without a hearing?

Depending on the issue you are having with your landlord, you might want to try talking with your landlord before your hearing to see if you can reach an agreement.

You and your landlord might do this in person, by phone, or through letters or emails. You can have a lawyer or paralegal represent you in these discussions or you can do it yourself.

You and your landlord can also do this with a mediator. This is someone who helps two sides reach an agreement. A mediator does not give legal advice or take sides, but they can suggest what they think would be a fair way to settle a case.

The has mediators who are available on the day of your hearing.

If you and your landlord can’t reach an agreement, then your case will go to a hearing where a Board member will make a decision about your .

Even if you can’t completely resolve your case, you and your landlord might reach agreement on some of the issues. This can make the hearing simpler and help you be better prepared for the hearing. It can also make the hearing less risky because there will be fewer things the Board member must decide.

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