If my place is sold, will I have to move or pay more rent?

Your rental agreement doesn’t have to change just because you have a new landlord.

The new owner must continue to follow the legal rules about how often and how much your rent can go up.

And the terms and conditions of your rental agreement also stay the same even if there is a new landlord. You can agree to make changes if you want to, but you don’t have to.

If a new owner asks you to sign a new or new agreement, you don’t have to sign it.

As part of the sale of the building, your landlord or the new owner may ask you to sign other documents. You probably don’t have to sign anything. In fact, you could risk losing your home if you sign the wrong document.

Make sure you understand your rights and what you are being asked to sign. There is more information about this in the step “Understand other documents you might be asked to sign”. If you are not sure, try to get legal help.

If the new owner wants you to move out, they must have a legal reason and they must give you proper . You also have the right to dispute the reason. A change of ownership is not a legal reason to make you move out.  

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