Can I take my landlord to the LTB if they won’t fix something?

Important COVID-19 updates

Time limits: When figuring out the deadline to take a legal step, the time between March 16 and September 14, 2020 does not count. This is because of an emergency that stopped all time limits to start a case during that time. Find out how this could affect you.

Landlord and Tenant Board: The LTB is holding most hearings remotely, by phone, video, or in writing. Some people have had trouble connecting to remote hearings. If you have a video hearing scheduled, download Microsoft Teams ahead of time and make sure your setup is working.

There have also been reports that it can take a long time to get through to the LTB by phone. If you need help right away, contact a lawyer or your local community legal clinic.

If you rent your home, it is your landlord’s job to repair and maintain it. Your landlord must fix or replace anything that is in bad condition or does not work properly.

This includes things that came with your place, such as appliances like a fridge or stove. It also includes common areas, like parking lots, elevators, and hallways.

It doesn’t matter if your or rental agreement says something different. It also doesn’t matter if you knew about the problem when you agreed to rent the place. The law says your landlord is responsible.

Before you apply to the Board

Before you apply to the Board, you should make sure your landlord knows about the problem and has had a reasonable amount of time to fix it.

There are also other steps you can take to try to get your landlord to do the repairs.

If your landlord still does not fix the problem, you can apply to the . If the Board finds that your landlord has not followed the law, they can order the landlord to fix the problem.

The Board can also order your landlord to compensate you by paying you money or reducing your rent.

You must follow the right steps to get the Board to hear your case. And you will have to show evidence to the Board to prove that there is a problem.

Time limit

It is usually best to apply to the Board within one year after the problem started.

The Board can order the landlord to give you money for problems going back only one year before you applied. For example, if a problem went on for a full year but was fixed 11 months before your , you can only get compensation for one month.

The Board won’t be able to order any compensation if you apply more than a year after the problem stopped or more than a year after you moved out.

If you have more than one repair and maintenance problem, the Board will look separately at each problem to figure out whether you have applied in time.

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