What does it mean to place a child for adoption?

When you place your child for adoption, it means that you give up:

  • the right to make decisions about your child
  • the responsibility to give your child financial support

There can be many reasons why you want to place your child for adoption. For example, you may be unable to care for them or to meet their basic needs.

Adoption is permanent. This means that once your child is placed for adoption, they will not be returned to you.

You do not pay any money and cannot receive any money when you place your child for adoption.

You must give information about your social and medical history. It may help your child with future illnesses and medical treatments.

Adoption consent

To place your child for adoption, you must sign an . This is the document that proves you agreed to place your child for adoption. It must be signed in front of a lawyer.

Your child must be at least 7 days old, not counting the day they were born, before you can sign the adoption consent.

You can change your mind about placing your child for adoption for up to 21 days after you signed the adoption consent.  

If you change your mind after 21 days, you may be able to withdraw your consent if:

  • your child has not yet been placed with an adoptive family, and
  • the court agrees to your withdrawal of consent.
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