What documents does the Crown have to give me?

The information that the police and Crown have about your case is called your .

The Crown has a legal duty to give you the information they have about you for free. The Crown uses the information included in your disclosure at your to try to prove you’re guilty. 

The disclosure may include:

  • police officer’s notes
  • witness statements
  • surveillance video and photos
  • financial documents
  • medical records
  • forensic reports

The disclosure might include that shows you’re guilty. It might also include information that shows you’re innocent.

During your first court date, you may get initial disclosure from the Crown. There is no guarantee that it will be available at your first appearance or that you will get all of it. But you should ask for it. Once you have some disclosure, you will be able to schedule a Crown pre-trial.

The Crown should give you disclosure before your trial starts so you can prepare. But sometimes you might get last minute disclosure the morning of your trial.

The Crown must give you a copy of everything, except evidence that is clearly unrelated to your case or is protected by a form of . For example, information from a confidential source is privileged and will not be given to you in your disclosure.

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