What are bail conditions?

Bail is a allowing you to remain in the community while your case is in the court system. It is a type of release from .

Bail conditions are rules that you must follow while you’re out on and your case is being decided by the courts.

For example, you may:

  • not be allowed to communicate with the or alleged victim
  • not be allowed to communicate with your
  • not be allowed to go within a specific distance of a specific place, person, or persons
  • have to live at a specific address
  • have to stay at home during specific hours, usually overnight
  • have to follow the rules of a

Make sure you understand what your bail conditions are. If you do not follow your bail conditions, you can be and charged with failing to comply with your bail. This is a criminal . If this happens, you will be held in custody for another . It will be more difficult for you to get bail a second time.  

Sometimes it might seem like conditions are overly restrictive. You might feel that you should be released with fewer conditions. But, if you don’t agree to follow the conditions ordered by the judge or justice of the peace, you will not be released. 

If you’re able to follow the conditions, you should consider agreeing to them so that you can be released from custody. You can ask to have the conditions changed later if you need to.

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