Are my OW employment assistance activities cancelled during COVID-19?

To get from Ontario Works (OW), you have to sign a Participation Agreement. The agreement says what “employment assistance activities” you must be doing.

For people getting from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), certain family members may have to do employment assistance activities. This includes:

  • adults in your household who depend on you, and
  • your spouse, but not if your spouse has a disability or if your spouse cares for you because you have a disability.

Because of COVID-19, you do not have to do your employment assistance activities for now. OW and ODSP are not updating Participation Agreements for now.

If you’re just starting to get OW, your first Participation Agreement will not include any employment assistance activities. Your Participation Agreement will be reviewed after 60 days, instead of the typical 30 days. 

OW and ODSP workers are not referring anyone to employment activities or job support programs at this time.

If you have any questions, contact your OW or ODSP worker.

If you have any problems, talk to your local community legal clinic.

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