As businesses in Ontario reopen they’ll need to follow these rules (Toronto Star)

From The Toronto Star – There will be a new way of doing business once things begin to reopen.

Premier Doug Ford and Labour Minister Monte McNaughton unveiled scores of new rules and regulations that businesses will have to abide by once health officials deem it safe to reopen.

“This is important now and will be just as important as our economy begins to reopen,” McNaughton said Thursday

“I’m announcing an additional 58 people will be joining our provincial labour inspectors … starting this week. Some of the new inspectors will focus on communicating COVID-19 safety guidelines … others will enforce emergency measures,” he said.

“This includes physical distancing on job sites and the closure of non-essential businesses. If you’re not doing a good job of promoting distancing, the inspectors will help you correct that. Eventually, if you’re not doing a good enough job, you’ll get fined. Our inspectors have the power to issue $750 fines in accordance with the province’s emergency measures.”

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