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A grievance is an official complaint by a union against an employer. Grievances are decided by arbitrators, who are private judges hired by the union and the employer. Arbitrators hear your complaint and decide whether it happened. If you win, the arbitrator can order your employer to pay you money, change workplace rules,

contact order

A contact order is a court order that allows a child to have contact with a person who isn’t a parent and who doesn’t stand in the place of a parent, such as a step-parent. For example, contact can include visits or telephone or webcam calls with a grandparent or an aunt or uncle.

parenting order

A parenting order is a type of court order that deals with:

Decision-making responsibility or who has the right to make important decisions about how to care for and raise a child. This used to be called custody.
Parenting time or who has the right to spend time with a child.

split parenting time

Split parenting time, which used to be called split custody, is where parents who have separated or divorced have:

more than one child together, and
each parent has one or more of their children living with them most of the time.

Split parenting time may affect how much child support is paid.

shared parenting time

Shared parenting time is when children live at least 40% of the time with each parent. It used to be called shared care or shared custody. Shared parenting time may affect how much child support is paid.

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